Episode 208: Collecting Bytes
August 17, 2009


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We've talked about collecting figures, busts, statues, bookmarks, candy, and Band-Aids. But this week on Star Wars Action News, we begin a look at a new type of collecting--the collecting of digital fan audio. Do you download all the episodes of Star Wars Action News and keep them on your hard drive? Have you sought out the exclusive movie commentaries they have released, or the special music CD they gave out at Celebration 4? If so, then you are already a digital collector. This week, Nathan P. Butler talks about collecting another type of fan audio--the fan audio drama, which is where Star Wars fan fiction meets old timey radio productions.

Also this week on Star Wars Action News: scantily clad ladies! Where? Well, they're at the Lucasfilm Chicago ComicCon presentation, in the prize-winning Saber fan video, and even on StarWars.com! Listen to find out more.

With details on all the exclusives still available online (*cough* Gentle Giant *cough*) and the sightings of the newest figures, and a review of the Uncle Milton Dagobah Frog Habitat, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We're seeing a trend (especially in the last AOTC Wave of Build-A-Droid) of figures from the Evolutions or Order 66 series of figures making their way to their individual cardback releases. This includes:

BD #29 327th Star Corps Clone Trooper (from Evolutons: Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper)
BD #50 Anakin Skywalker (from Evolutions: Anakin to Vader)
BD #51 Jango Fett (from Evolutions: The Fett Legacy)
BD #52 Clone Pilot (from Evolutions: Imperial Pilot Legacy)
BD #53 ARC Trooper (from Order 66: Anakin & ARC Trooper)

Are these considered to be Greatest Hits figures, and can we expect to see more of these types of repacks in future lines - perhaps with more specialized figures like Mandalore, one or more from the Padmé Amidala Legacy, Darth Bane, Darth Nihilus, or perhaps even Tsui Choi?

2) The Qui-Gon Jinn Mighty Mugg has a decal on the back showing his green lightsaber accessory. As the word "Lightsaber" is printed on the box, I'm guessing perhaps the wrong color is underneath the decal? As I cannot remove the decal without destroying it, can you tell us what is under the saber decal, and if it was a wrong color what color it was?

3) I don't know if anyone on the team involved in the Q&A at present was involved with the relaunch of Star Wars figures way back in 95, but if so I was wondering if you could share with us what the mindset was to provide the overly-muscular depictions of the Star Wars characters, such as the "He-Luke", etc. Was it a trend in toys at the time, an attempt to make the toys more relevant, etc?

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