Episode 207: It Works Every Time
August 10, 2009


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Show Notes

This past weekend Chicago Comic Con (the convention formerly known as Wizard World Chicago) took place and if you were a Star Wars fan you should have been there. From a plethora of Star Wars action figures to the programming to the autograph opportunities, it was the best showing for Star Wars in some time. Star Wars Action News was there covering the event, and on this week's show you can listen as they recount meeting Clone Wars voice actor Tom Kane, asking questions to Billy Dee Williams in his panel, and kicking back at the Star Wars Action News dinner...

Also over the weekend came the shocking announcement that Karen Traviss, author of the much beloved Republic Commando series, will no longer be writing for Star Wars. That announcement is analyzed this week.

With discussions of online exclusive orders from Acme, Sideshow, and Gentle Giant, it's all this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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