Episode 206: SDCC 09 Reveals
August 03, 2009


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Show Notes

2009's San Diego Comic Con is behind us but with so much product revealed from Museum Replicas, eFX, Sideshow, Hasbro, Gentle giant, Diamond, and others, it sometimes takes a while for it all to sink in.

On this week's Star Wars Action News, we take your voicemails to talk about what YOU thought of all the new Star Wars items coming down the pike, including Sideshow 1/2 scale busts (with the missing half being a shoulder?), Gentle Giant's Force Unleasehed mini-busts, and Hasbro's new Wal Mart Exclusive Droid Factory figures ($17 a pair? Ouch!)

Also on this week's show, we talk about the new Hasbro Fan's Choice figure vote, where you can help determine a new Star Wars figure to be made by Hasbro. Star Wars Action News is one of the contributing sites, so listen to the show, then come to our forums at http://www.swactionnews.com and tell us which figures you think should be made.

It's all this and more on this week's episode of Star Wars Action News!

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