Episode 202: My Thumb Drive is Better Than Yours
July 08, 2009


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Thumb drives are great items. Tiny, handy, and universal. As long as you don't lose one out of your pocket in a sofa cushion with several weeks worth of work, they are items becoming as ubiquitous today as a floppy disc or CD was years ago. Perhaps that is why we Star Wars fans now have not one but TWO companies producing USB Thumb Drives for our data storage needs. For the past several years Mimobot has produced some of the cutest thumb drives this side of Endor, and now Funko, makers of the popular Star Wars bobbleheads, gets in on the action. Find out about these new entries on this week's Star Wars Action News!

Also this week, we have first-time Star Wars author Christie Golden, author of the new Fate of the Jedi novel Omen, with us. She discusses what it is like being a first-time author writing in the EU, and hints at some things we can expect to see coming up in the series!

With a Hasbro Q&A, a lament of bent red cards, and a discussion why the Acme Leia is hot! hot! hot! It's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

And stay tuned for more Star Wars Action News content from San Diego ComicCon, including a live show at the Kotobukiya stage! Come to swactionnews.com for more details!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) It has been announced that Wal-Mart is going to be shrinking its toy departments by half or more. While it has been said the biggest impact will be felt by independent toy producers we can't but help wonder what impact this will have on Star Wars toys. What have you heard about this and can you tell us if this means no more wal mart exclusives for Star Wars of if we will see less Star Wars in our Wal-Mart stores?

2) For the Toys-R-Us exclusive V-Wing it came with a clone pilot. Does this pilot differ from the figure called Oddball on regular cards and if not why not just say the vwing comes with Oddball?

3) It had previously been said the new sized cards would not have clamshells that fit. However the sdcc luke figure comes in a clamshell. Can you clarify about availabily of protective cases for these new smaller figures?

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