Episode 199: The Ultimate Autograph--George Lucas!
June 15, 2009


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Show Notes

For anyone who collects autographs there are some rare, hard to get autographs that would be the one they want above all others. The rarity of these autographs is what makes Master Replicas able to charge $800 more for a Millennium Falcon WITH Harrison Ford's autograph versus one without. For Arnie, that ultimate autograph has always been George Lucas, and this past weekend at the Siskel Film Center Arnie was able to get that autograph and meet "the maker". This week on Star Wars Action News, Arnie and Marjorie report on the George Lucas tribute at the Siskel Center and discuss finally getting that picture and autograph.

Also this week, we have a vintage review of not one but two vintage Death Star playsets, one you probably know very well and the other you might not have heard of.

With a review of the new Clone Wars novel No Prisoners and a Hasbro Q&A, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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  • Hasbro Q & A

    1) In past Q&A's Hasbro has stated that certain segments of the line have suffered due to a shrinking of the collector base. Hasbro has also stated that they have changed some plans due to this downturn (canceled EU wave, etc). With no new theatrical pushes anytime soon for Star Wars, does Hasbro expect the collector base to grow again at some point and/or what will Hasbro try to do to attract the collector base back?

    2) Certain other toy companies seem to have found some level of success with a line of action figures aimed squarely at collectors available as online only exclusives ordered directly from them (Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics). Instead of having overflowing pegs of Yarna and Wilrows, collectors could just get them on line. Is this a business model Hasbro might employ to distribute figures that might be collector focused but would otherwise languish on store shelves?

    3) Recently we have noticed that Hasbro Toy Shop has been selling AFA graded figures. What were the reasons behind this decision to sell AFA graded figures and will we see this AFA trend continue with Hasbro exclusive figures in the Star Wars license or others?

    Poll of the Week

    How many figures are there?

    Hasbro has challenged us. "We'd be very interested in hearing what the general fan consensus is on the topic...perhaps something for {you} to poll {your} user base?" How do YOU interpret the line of Star Wars figures, and how do you count them? After you've told us that, then tell us: how many figures are there?

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