Episode 194: Pawns of the Darkside
May 11, 2009


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Show Notes

You see that Star Trek movie yet? Despite being a Star Wars podcast and having a Star Wars web site, it seems that Star TREK is the sci-fi franchise in the spotlight especially this weekend with the new movie out. Remarks have been made such as "This is the Star Trek movie made for Star Wars fans" and Star Wars fans who follow swactionnews on Twitter have said "The new Star Trek is better than the entire prequel trilogy". With such statements being made, it's impossible for this to not have an impact on Star Wars collecting, and as such we discuss the state of the two sci-fi franchises and how Star Wars collectors may be impacted on this week's Star Wars Action News.

And speaking of the prequel trilogy, Star Wars Action News continues its Episode I 10th Anniversary coverage this month as we look back a the Star Wars Episode I Chess Set by Tiger Electronics. ow is the detail, how is the game play? Find out on this week's Star Wars Action News!

Also this week Kevin brings us another vintage review of a figure or two that are getting a little long in the "tooth", and Kevin sits down with Hasbro employee and copy writer "Dee" discussing the unproduced concept for "The Definitive Star Wars Presentation Chamber", an item pitched to help new collectors embrace vintage designs.

With Scott From Tulsa's geek fashion report, discussion of the new Acme character key, and yet another mention of Star Wars Marbs, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News.

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