Episode 193: Blow-Up Amidala
May 04, 2009


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In May, 1999 Star Wars returned to theaters triumphantly with The Phantom Menace. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of that movie, Star Wars Action News is reviewing merchandise from that very hyped film. This week, we look at the blow-up Queen Amidala chair, one in a series of five inflatable chairs made for the movie.

And remember, you have until May 11th to get us YOUR Phantom Memories. Tell us about your first time seeing the movie, your experience buying tickets, your toy buying, your favorite memory or your favorite toy for that time. We will be playing the best stories on our 10th Anniversary show later this month. Send an MP3 to show@swactionnews.com or leave a message on our voicemail at 415-508-JEDI.

Also on this week's show, we talk about Wave 2 of Marbs, review the Jabba's Palace and Scramble on Yavin Battle Packs, and TheGingerPrince updates us on collecting in the UK.

With a Hasbro Star Wars Toy Q&A and more, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Many moons ago Hasbro mentioned that the Imperial Dignitaries released were precursors to the rest of the Imperial Dignitary gang. Given that it has been well over five years since the first two Dignitaries came out, any chance of seeing Sim Aloo or the others any time soon? (Especially Sim Aloo who we had in the vintage line).

2) With the Unleashed Battle Packs coming to their end, and the Titaniums finishing at the end of this year, and Muggs being reduced to only Toys R Us exclusives, what can you tell us about the viability of the Star Wars Transformers line?

3) This question is in response to a previous Hasbro Q&A question from another site which asked about creation of more cantina patrons. In your response you cited how collectors alone do not drive the market, pointing to the Yarna figures that seem to be abundant on pegs. In your response you point out that figures need to appeal to kids and collectors and while collectors may yearn for a Yarna or a Willrow Hood, the kid market prefers more iconic characters.

Our follow-up question: With these iconic characters appealing to the kid's market, have you found there to be more appeal in a resculpt of a character versus a repackaged, rereleased figure?

We ask because so many of the main characters have close-to-definitive versions already released, we wonder if it make more sense to put the effort of new sculpts and new toolings to figures that have never been done in the modern line (the missing Imperial Dignitaries, etc.) or ones that do not have good versions yet (such as Lobot needing an update), and keep the iconic, kid appealing figures to the Greatest Hits/Saga legends line.

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