Episode 190: Ha$$$$$bro
April 13, 2009


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Perhaps we are getting old when we have to be told by Hasbro employees that "the value of a dollar isn't what it used to be" but that doesn't make the increasing cost of Hasbro Star Wars toys any easier for collectors' pocket books. With 3.75" figures ranging from $8 to $13 at retail, Ughnauts downsized from two per pack to one per pack, and vehicle rereleases costing nearly double what they used to, collectors dollars are getting stretched thinner and thinner, and in this economy it is not what collectors need. We tackle this hard issue this week on Star Wars Action News, looking at some new Toys R Us exclusive repacks that aren't the value of the original packs, and with a Hasbro Q&A asking about cost, quality of figures, and quantity of figures.

We also look at some other sites' Hasbro Q&As where information is revealed about Hasbro's collector market, and the fact that the new packaging will see the first change in 3.75" figure card sizes in Star Wars' 32 year history.

With a look at the latest Star Wars Minis expansion, Imperial Entanglements, and a vintage review of 4-LOM (Or is it Zuckuss?) it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We appreciate the fact that the saga legends set gave us a 2-for-1 deal on battle droids, but there is a small issue with their arms. Sure they look fine standing at attention, but sometimes display or play value could be added if they had a fixed-pose gun-holding stance. The straight-arm pose looks a little goofy when building dioramas and throws their balance off. In the spirit of the build-a-droids, and the Saga C-3PO with Battle Droid head, would including a second set of interchangeable arms or legs for battle droids or stormtroopers be something feasible for the future?

2) In several Q&As in the past our listeners have complained about bendy guns and other certain quality issues that have come up with some of the toys in years past, and the standard reply was that it was a costing issue and having these bendy guns and such helped to keep costs down. Now that costs are up up up, with us paying as much as 60% more for a carded 3.75" figure than we were just a few years ago, will we see the quality of such accessories improve?

3) Speaking of the 2-for-1 battle droids, the upcoming Ugnaught you are giving us only one of each per card. And making us search for the variation later on. Back in the POTF2 days, we got two different Ugnaughts per pack, as well as the Ewoks, Jawas, etc. Which, given their size, is completely fair and much appreciated. Can you share some insight on why battle droids and smaller Jedi are being double-packed but these new Ugnaughts are not?

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