Episode 189: Ultimate Star Wars Easter Basket
April 06, 2009


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Show Notes

For many years it seems that Star Wars licensed Easter items had been lacking, but this year Target and Toys R Us have combined to rectify that. More than just the usual dye kit, this year we get two egg dye kits, one with a kit to make a giant TIE Fighter egg! Plsu easter baskets, easter buckets, Easer Eggs filled with candy and Jake character art, special Legos, and more. This week on Star Wars Action News we build the ultimate Star Wars Easter Basket for a 3 year old and give tips how you could modify this for kids of all ages.

Also this week, we discuss the Star Wars items you can buy from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (Jesus Juice not included) and we listen to your voicemails on new Force Unleashed figures found at Toys R Us, misprints on Topps Galaxy 4 Series cards, and one listener's recent purchase of a life sized Star Wars item!

Also, we are still gathering voicemails and recordings of your Episode I memories. We want to know your favorite memory, funniest story, or just your experience of buying toys for Episode I or seeing the movie. You can send MP3s to show@reviewstarwars.com or call our voicemail at 415-508-JEDI. Your story may be played on our 10th anniversary Phantom Menace show.

Finally, on a serious note, on this show we send good thoughts to our friend and Star Wars author Aaron Allston who had quadruple bypass surgery last week. You can send well-wishes to Aaron at:

Aaron Allston
c/o Del Rey Books
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Updates on Aaron's status and information on how you can help donate blood can be found at http://www.aaronallston.info/.

We at Star Wars Action News wish Aaron the very best. Get well soon!

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