Episode 186: Star Wars Radio Dramas -- Lost Scenes Revealed
March 16, 2009


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Show Notes

The Star Wars Radio Dramas are held in high regard by a large number of Star Wars fans. Once considered by Lucas himself part of the Star Wars canon, these Brian Daley penned audio dramas greatly expanded upon the original two Star Wars movies in the 80's. Released on CD in regular and Special Edition format in the 90's, the original broadcast of Star Wars was broadcast in 1981, and then again in 1983 when The Empire Strikes Back was released on National Public Radio. However, in the 1983 rebroadcast many scenes and character moments were cut from the Star Wars radio drama, and when the radio drama CDs were released in the 90's not all of the cuts were reinstated.

This week on Star Wars Action News, we have producer David C. Fein who brings to us from the original 1981 airing of the radio drama the two dialogue scenes cut from Star Wars and not included in the CD releases. Unless you recorded the Star Wars Radio Drama off the radio in 1981, Star Wars Action News is the only place to hear these two scenes, including Luke and Cammie talking about their dreams in anchorhead, and an extended version of Obi-Wan and Luke talking after the Tusken Raider attack.

Also this week, we review the Clone Wars novel Wild Space, and discuss the latest store finds. All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News.

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