Episode 185: Karen Miller's "Wild" Side
March 09, 2009


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Show Notes

Star Wars Action News continues its March Into The Expanded Universe.

On this week's episode of Star Wars Action News, we talk to Karen Miller, author of the Clone Wars novel Wild Space. Wild Space is the first original fiction book tying into the cartoon Clone Wars series, telling us what happens to Obi-Wan during the Downfall of a Droid duology of episodes. Karen talks to us about how she became a Star Wars author, her views on the dogma of the Jedi order, and why she loves a certain Sith lord.

Also this week, we look at the new Star Wars Marbs from Jakks Pacific, and we have the latest Hasbro Q&A.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We've gotten listener feedback that they like the Mighty Muggs but cannot collect them all, due to space or budgetary constraints. One suggestion we received was perhaps a miniaturized line of Mighty Muggs, perhaps along the scale of the Galactic Heroes line, representing the Mugg aesthetic with a smaller shelf footprint and price point. Is such a release possible and/or likely?

2) As I look out upon my collection and see the latest ships and figures released with minor differences such as a paint of a slightly more red color or a female twi'lek painted on the nose, I am reminded of the old movie Batman series of figures where almost every release was Batman with a different accessory or paint scheme (the banana yellow Batman being a personal favorite). It is widely speculated that the lack of character variety led to that series' demise.

Given the number of repaints and retools, both along the lines of figures and vehicles, is collector saturation ever a concern? Or is the turnover of collectors so great that if a slightly different A-Wing is released every couple of years it finds a new audience?

3) We all saw the new packaging for the Clone Wars Season 2 line of figures. Will this be the start of a new line designation, or will it be the same line with a different style of cardback? And will these changes roll to the Legacy collection as well?

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