Episode 184: Matt Stover and the Shadows of the Force
March 02, 2009


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Show Notes

Late this month, Aaron Allston's new novel "Outcast", the first book in the Fate of the Jedi series, will be released. To celebrate the start of the new series, Star Wars Action News celebrates the Star Wars Expanded Universe with our March into the EU series. This month on the Star Wars Action News podcast you will see interviews with authors, including the Clone Wars: Wild Space author Karen Miller. The shows will also have reviews of books, segments on EU, and more including the return of the much-requested Star Wars Action News Book Club Podcasts!

To kick off this celebration of the Expanded Universe, Arnie sits down with Star Wars author Matthew Stover to go in-depth on the new novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Matt talks to us about what inspired him to detail the events at the Battle of Mindor, a reference with a long history in the EU. He also tells us his view of the Force and why, in the words of his latest novel, "rewrites suck."

Also this week, Marjorie and Arnie take another look at the Star Wars Insider by Titan Magazines. With a recent article on how Hasbro makes action figures, has this raised their opinion of the magazine? Listen this week to find out!

With Scott From Tulsa's recap of Toy Fair, a rundown of the lastest Star Wars News, and a new Poll of the Week, it's all right here on Star Wars Action News!

And be sure to check back this Thursday as the Star Wars Action News Book Club Podcast returns with a reedited and enhanced version of the Star Wars by George Lucas podcast. New Book Club podcasts will be coming out biweekly at www.swactionnews.com, or subscribe on iTunes!

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