Episode 181: State of Collecting Address 2009
February 09, 2009


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Show Notes

The stores are full of stale Organas and Yarnas (congrats to all those who prognosticated Yarna's future peg warming status). Manufacturers have been tight-lipped about new product, in some cases awaiting the glut of news that is Toy Fair and in other cases simply because there is no news. And figure prices are above the $7 mark everywhere, and some places over the $8 mark. There's a lot of grimness out there, but there's a bright future ahead for the hard core Star Wars collector. Here to analyze all the news or lack thereof, Star Wars Action News brings you the first State of Collecting Address.

Also this week, Fanboys opened in theaters telling the tale of four Star Wars fans trying to break on to Lucasfilm Ranch and see The Phantom Menace early. Reviewing this much-delayed film for Star Wars Action News are Brock and Elisha, hosts of the movie review podcast Now Playing.

With a bit of talk of Clone Wars Wave 4 and Build-A-Droid Wave 5, all this and more is on this week's Star Wars Action News.

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