Episode 180: Fandex
February 02, 2009


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Show Notes

eFX Collectibles gave us little advance notice before the Ahsoka Tano lightsaber, with a plaque signed by Dave Filoni, went on sale Feb 1st. This first saber replica from the new prop replica company is based on the design for Anakin Skywaker's new Togruta padawan from the animated series, and to talk about the new product we interview Barry from eFX Collectibles. Barry describes what went into the Ahsoka lightsaber, the new Director's Edition signature edition, and what the future holds for high end collectible offerings.

Then Brock, Star Wars Action News' Book Club Liason, catches us up on Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. This spoiler-free review will tell you if this is a book you should shine a light on, or leave in the shadows.

Finally this week, Marjorie and Arnie catch you up on the latest in Star Wars collecting with the newest waves of figures and Muggs hitting shelves, Wal Mart clearance items, and a review of some odd item called the Star Wars Fandex.

All this, and a Hasbro Q&A too, on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) In a previous Q&A you said the Republic Commando in the upcoming Evolutions set would feature new knee and ankle articulation, and that you did not change the upper body. When you said that you did not change the upper body, did you mean that you did not make the helmet removable and the backpack will be one we have seen before? At this time, can you release information on the other figures in this pack?

2) Overall reaction from our listeners to Hasbro's Ultra Battle Backs in 08 has been overwhelmingly negative, with complaints ranging from too expensive to the bases being too flimsy and ready to crack to the unimpressive figures chosen (POTF2 Beru and Owen Lars) to the paint apps (especially on the ROTJ Sarlaac pit set). What feedback have you gotten on these packs, and how will that feedback influence any possible '09 releases?

3) It's been a few years since we saw a figure carrying case released and decades since one that doubled as a cool toy was made in the SW line (the Rebel Transport of the Kenner line being the only one that comes to mind). This might be a good way to get some more big vehicles made that otherwise wouldn't get a chance to be produced, like the AT-OT Clone Transporter, Turbotank, MTT Droid Carrier or even Jabba's Sail Barge. Is a carry case a realistic prospect in the years ahead, perhaps with some limited play features, like an opening cockpit or one or two articulated elements, or a handle that folds out so as not to disrupt the aesthetics of the vehicle too drastically?

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