Episode 179: Rogue Leaders
January 26, 2009


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Show Notes

On this week's Star Wars Action News, we talk to Rob Smith, editor of the Official Playstation Magazine and author of Rogue Leaders: The History of LucasArts about videogames past, present, and future as we look at his new book, covering such classics as Star Wars: X-Wing and Rebel Assault, to the current The Force Unleashed. Rob gives us his prognosis on the future of the embattled Battlefront 3 game, and answers the age-old questions: is PC gaming dead? And, what is more important in a game--story or gameplay.

Also this week, we discuss the new Ashoka Tano lightsaber replica going on pre-order from eFX Collectibles on February 1st, and preview the Gentle Giant Han Solo in Carbonite and Boba Fett animated maquette.

All this and lenticular Valentines too on this episode of Star Wars Action News.

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