Episode 174: Encyclopedia Steve
December 22, 2008


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Show Notes

This week on Star Wars Action News we sit down with Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet, primary author of the recently released three-volume Star Wars Encyclopedia Set. Last week we reviewed this set and complimented it greatly but mentioned the place of a book encyclopedia in the 21st century. This week we ask the author himself that question, and several others on the genesis of this amazing set. Plus we get more information about Clone Wars series DVD releases, Star Wars Celebration 5, and just where Steve puts all that stuff he buys.

Also this week, Kevin buys his first 12-back vintage figure. Which one is it? What condition is it in? How much did it cost? He answers all those questions in this month's Vintage collecting segment.

With a Hasbro Q&A, an analysis of the eFX X-Wing's retirement, and discussing how deep the rabbit hole of Star Wars collecting is, it's all this week on Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) What is the initial read on the success of the AT-TE and Falcon? Has the sell-through met expectations? And with the release of the Costcoexclusive AT-TE, can you tell us specifically which figures (by number, i.e. Clone Wars figure #7, etc) have been repacked in that set, and if there are any new figures (repaints or new molds) exclusive to that set?

2) With the economy being in a slump and a slow down in consumer spending and the price of oil dropping per barrel how does this affect Hasbro with the production, pricing, and release of action figures? Will we continue to see the large quantities of figures release per year (60+) that seems to have been the norm since 2006, or will we see the amount of releases/waves/number of products contracting? A lot of collectors are watching their wallets and would hate to have to miss out or have to keep up with a deluge of product in these financially uncertain times.

3) The Mighty Muggs seem to have turned out to be a popular take on the urban vinyl meets Star Wars. There seem to be quite a few that are must haves such as Lando with his winning smile. One thing that had me slightly disappointed was the lack of a weapon to go with the Return of the Jedi version of Boba Fett. If Boba was to be revisited in his Empire attire, would it be possible to include two guns so one can be given to his RotJ brother? Boba needs his signature blaster and other Muggs like Jango and Grevious came with multiple weapons. Alternatively would it be possible to have an online/exclusive accessory set? Something to contain extra light sabers or other add on pieces like pilot gear, cloaks, and extra blasters for the characters that have no weapons or could use more armaments like clones?

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