Episode 170: Creepy Crawlers
November 24, 2008


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Show Notes

When shopping for the Star Wars fan in your life, no matter what the age, you may be tempted to buy him or her something different; something unique. One such item can be found in the craft section of your local Wal Mart, the Star Wars Creepy Crawler Mold Maker. An impulse buy has one added to the Sithsonian's collection. Listen as we play with the item, burn our fingers, and decide if this is a good gift for fans young and old.

And speaking of young fans, our youth reviewer Owen Cheddar is back, this time reviewing the new Lightsaber Duels game for the Wii. Last week we gave you an adult's perspective on this game, now hear what the kids think of it.

With a Hasbro Q&A, a store report, and as stuffed full of Star Wars goodness as your Thursday turkey, it's all on Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We have seen word of incredible sales for Clone Wars figures. Many people have wondered if the Clone Wars figures would be short-lived and eventually made in the realistic style, but given these sales numbers is there a possibility of the "realistic" line being phased out for the animated stylings?

2) We received word that there may be a Clone Wars themed playset in development. Can you confirm, deny, or provide any other details about this?

3) Earlier this year you said that you would be providing, about quarterly, updated checklists that we collectors could use to follow what we find in stores. As we are reaching the November date, is this still the plan and will we see a new one on Hasbro's web site sometime soon to guide us through the Holidays?

Poll of the Week

If you could only own one, which high end X-Wing would you buy?

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