Episode 168: In the Cards
November 10, 2008


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Little hard sticks of pink powdery gum. Wax packs discarded by the hundreds. Chase cards selling for thousands of dollars. If these sound familiar to you then you must be familiar with trading card collecting. This week, Star Wars Action News explores this great hobby focusing on Star Wars trading cards, including an interview with Topps Cards discussing everything from the infamous "dirty" 3PO card to the upcoming new Galaxies series.

Also this week, we run down this week's Star Wars Clone Wars DVD release. There are exclusives at Best Buy, Target, and Wal Mart. What are those exclusives? And where is the cheapest location to buy the Blu Ray? We tell you on this week's show.

Plus a discussion of the two new Star Wars video games coming out this Tuesday, it's all on Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We have seen word of incredible sales for Clone Wars figures. Many people have wondered if the Clone Wars figures would be short-lived and eventually made in the realistic style, but given these sales numbers is there a possibility of the "realistic" line being phased out for the animated stylings?

2) We received word that there may be a Clone Wars themed playset in development. Can you confirm, deny, or provide any other details about this?

3) Earlier this year you said that you would be providing, about quarterly, updated checklists that we collectors could use to follow what we find in stores. As we are reaching the November date, is this still the plan and will we see a new one on Hasbro's web site sometime soon to guide us through the Holidays?

Show Stuff

Its that wonderful time of the year. Time to pop in the Star Wars Holiday Special and enjoy the sounds of a Christmas in the Stars. Its also time again for the Star Wars Action News Sithmas Gift Exchange. We tried this in years past with great success. So celebrate the Saga and the joy of the holidays with your fellow SWANlings.

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