Episode 164: Obsessed with Star Wars
October 13, 2008


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Show Notes

For weeks Marjorie has been quizzing Arnie on Star Wars trivia taken from the book Obsessed with Star Wars by Ben Harper. This week, Arnie turns the tables by asking some questions to the author himself, and finds out more about the making of this fun and unique Star Wars book, and listen to find out how you can win a copy of this book.

Also this week, we look at another Star Wars book, Order 66 by Karen Traviss--the first hardcover installment in the Republic Commando series based on the beloved games, and we look back on another vintage figure from The Empire Strikes Back.

And it seems you cannot read the news or open a bank statement without being reminded of the current economic downturn which has been spreading globally this past week. We sit down and look at what this means for collectors. With a global tightening of the belt, will exclusives be easier to find, or harder? What will happen to the value of your collection? It's all discussed on this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Obsessed with Star Wars trivia book

Win one of 2 copies of Obessed with Star Wars. E-Mail obsessed@swactionnews.com and tell us why YOU are Obsessed with Star Wars.

All entries due by 11:59 pm CST October 26, 2008

Please include your name and address.

Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on a later show.

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