Episode 163: I Can't See A Thing in This Mask!
October 06, 2008


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Show Notes

Judging by the decorations in the department stores, the items stocked in the "Current Events" section of the stores, and the greeting cards placed in highly visible loations, CHRISTMAS is just around the corner! However, before Christmas we have to survive yet another All Hallows Eve, Certain to come to our door begging for candy are ghouls, ghosts, Ghost Riders, and Hulks. But hopefully there will be a few Sith Lords, Jedi Knights, Clones, and other beings from a galaxy Far Far Away as well.

This week on Star Wars Action News we do our annual Halloween costume round-up. Whether you are trying to find the perfect costume for your child or for yourself at a more grown-up oriented event, we tell you what we think of the retail offerings in stores and at StarWarsShop.com

Also this week, Nathan P Butler introduces us to the Legacy comics, taking place 100 years after the events of the Original Trilogy and the subject of several recent comic packs, including the one with Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon. And Scott brings us up to speed on the latest armor offered by Sideshow, and the on sale items at StarWarsShop, Entertainment Earth, and Brian's Toys, and Arnie tells why he's now calling StarWarsShop's Friday e-mails the Weekly Sick.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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