Episode 162: Waves Crashing In
September 29, 2008


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Saga Legends, The Legacy Collection Evolutions Packs, Comic Packs, Clone Wars figures, have we ever had quite so many different lines of Star Wars figures coming out at once? Well right now new figures from all five of these lines of figures are showing up in stores. This week on Star Wars Action News we tell you which figures have been spotted at which stores, and how to shop to get the most figures for your buck.

We also conclude our coverage of The Force Unleashed by taking your voicemails reviewing the game and telling us about your experiences at Midnight Releases. Nathan P. Butler reviews the comic book adaptation, and Arnie reviews the novelization of the movie, and then Arnie and Marjorie discuss what the game's plot revelations mean for the rest of the Star Wars universe.

With an update of all online offerings, and if khaki is indeed a cool color for a Star Wars vehicle, it can all be found this week on Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) The Force Unleashed is generating a lot of buzz, perhaps even greater than the Clone Wars movie. While there have been some absolutely fantastic TFU toys released by Hasbro it seems like there are some opportunities for more, such as the Bull Rancor, the newly designed Shaak Ti, the Rogue Shadow, and even the Cloud City Ugnaughts. Any plans to make more TFU in the future, or has that ship long since sailed?

2) Why use the inferior Sarlaac Pit Boba Fett sculpt (with the much hated action feature) for the new figure of Jodo Kast? The paint application is so amazing on that figure, it's a shame it's tarnished with that body when there are so many better Fett bodies to choose from.

3) The GameStop TFU promotional exclusive Stormtrooper Commander's US release does not appear to have gone very smoothly. Most stores we contacted did not know such a promotion was taking place less than a week before the release, and supply does not seem to come close to meeting demand.

Can you let us in on what happened to make this figure such an unknown, and if there will be a re-release sometime soon to help collectors pining for this figure to get one?

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The Force Unleashed: iPhone Review
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The Force Unleashed: PS3 Review
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The Force Unleashed: XBox 360 Review
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The Force Unleashed: Wii Review
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The Force Unleashed: Wii Duel Mode Review
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