Episode 160: The Force Unleashed PreGame Show
September 15, 2008


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Show Notes

This Tuesday XBoxes all over will be overheating as Star Wars fans across the country assume the role of Vader's secret apprentice and proceed to use the Force in never before seen ways to dispatch Stormtroopers and Jedi alike. The book has been atop the bestseller charts, and the downloadable demo on XBox 360 and Playstation 3 have broken records. For may Star Wars fans, this was the Star Wars event of 2008.

However the game was not without its troubles. Originally scheduled to be a 30th Anniversary multimedia celebration of Star Wars, the game's release time was pushed back numerious times, LucasArts had some highly publicied staff layoffs and departures, and a running joke became to call the game The Force Unreleased.

Now that the game has gone Gold, we sit down with its Executive Producer, Haden Blackman, to discuss the game's delays, and what fans can look forward to when they finally get the game in their hands. We also review the book "The Art and Making of The Force Unleashed". Nathan P Butler also provides an expanded universe history of Vader's other apprentices, from Asoka to the one in the game, and discusses how and why Shaak Ti is able to appear in the game.

Plus we discss the final Force Unleashed toys hitting shelves now from Hasbro, including the GameStop exclusive Stormtrooper figure and the Wal-Mart exclusive 3-packs.

It's the Force Unleashed all over Star Wars Action News, so listen now!

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