Episode 159: Melancholy Meal
September 08, 2008


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Show Notes

The McDonald's Star Wars promotion is quickly coming to an end. Happy Meal boxes are running out, and kids are forced to eat food....OUT OF BAGS!!!! But one Happy Meal box seems harder to find than the others--Darth Vader. This week, the hosts at Star Wars Action News seek out this elusive box...

Also this week, Scott reviews the latest offerings from Sideshow, as well as StarWarsShop.com's "Weakly 6" [sic], and Kevin says Nub Nub to the latest Vintage figure he is reviewing for the show.

Finally, what is up with the Stormtrooper Commander figure supposedly being released at GameStop with The Force Unleashed? Like Geraldo at Al Capone's vaults, we open the doors and see what we find...

All this and more is in this week's episode of Star Wars Action News, so listen now!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Having seen the Clone Wars movie I think it is completely clear that the new character people feel strongest about is Ziro the Hutt. Can we expect the newest Hutt gangster to be immortalized in plastic sometime soon? (And if the answer is "no", how can such a travesty occur?)

2) It seems first day of issue figures are much more plentiful than the previous foil Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures were, which seems counter-intuitive as FDOIs have a smaller window for creation/distribution while UGH figures were whatever you wanted them to be. Were the production numbers of FDOI figures higher than UGH figures, lower, or about the same? And does each figure have the same number of FDOIs out there, or are there more FDOI Clones than FDOI Yarnas?

3) In your previous Q&As you reference figures being slated for 09, and sometimes reference tentative schedules for '10 and even '11. Given that you have things planned so far in advance, do you have such long-range plans for waves of the animated-style figures, and how many waves of animated style figures are currently slated for 09?

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