Episode 157: 3rd Year Anniversary Show
August 24, 2008


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Show Notes

Sunday August 24th is Star Wars Action News' 3rd Anniversary and at 7 p.m. CST we're having a live celebration with a live show. In addition to live callins and a chat room, we will be giving away prizes donated from sponsors Razor's Edge Collectibles, Brian's Toys, DK Books, and more!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) From what we saw in the SW presentation at SDCC, there is a new Luke Stormtrooper (along with a Han Stormtrooper) scheduled as part of the Legacy Collection for 1/15/09. Is there any possibility we might see a dianoga accessory included with the Luke Stormtrooper figure? The last dianoga we saw, other than the original vintage green rubber figure in the Death Star Playset, was a two-piece dianoga - each piece of which came with the Death Star Trash Compactor Playset/Screen Scene from the 2002 Saga line. Perhaps have one piece come with Luke and the other piece come with Han?

2) We noticed on the Galactic Hero Jedi Starfighter set, as is typical with these large sets, along the back of the box are cartoon pictures of the figures/beasts/vehicles included. One of the pictures on this set is of a Battle Droid. Also, on top of the box where it list the names of the figures/beasts/vehicles included are the words Battle Droid. But when the pack was opened, there is no Battle Droid. I know it wasn't just mine that didn't have the droid as none of the boxes on the shelf did, nor is there a designated place for one in the pack. I know how sometimes colors can change from pictures on the box to what the actual product looks like...but this pack is missing a whole figure that is advertised to be included. Should we return this set and wait for a new, complete version to be released?

Show Stuff

DK Books

Del Rey Books

Razor's Edge Collectibles

Brian's Toys

Prize List

  • Brian's Toys: The Legacy Collection Wave 2 figures
  • Razor's Edge Collectibles: 3 Asajj Ventress Exclusive Character Keys
  • Del Rey Books: 2 Hardcover Clone Wars novelizations by Karen Traviss
  • DK Books: Several copies of the Clone Wars Visual Guide and Sticker Books, as well as the complete Star Wars Visual Dictionary and others.
  • Plo Koon Gentle Giant Mini-Bust
  • Senate Security Guard exclusive SDCC figure
  • Clone Wars Yoda picture signed by Tom Kane
  • and more...

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