Episode 154: Hangover
August 04, 2008


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Show Notes

This week collectors everywhere are recovering from their Midnight Madness spending, and coming to terms with their total expenditures. As Marjorie and Arnie were in San Diego during the official toy release, they had their own midnight madness a week later at Central IL Wal Marts. They recount their own orgy of consumerism.

Also this week we have a Clone Wars EU report from Nathan P. Butler, and from the UK Steve weighs in on the London Film & Comic Con. Plus a Hasbro Q&A, it's all this week in Star Wars Action News, so listen now!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that checklist you released for the new toys. It was above and beyond for you to tell us exactly what is a straight repack and what is new. I implore you, could you please provide such information, if even on just a quarterly basis, going forward?

2) The upcoming Republic Gunship release makes it appear that it may have side panels that the previous versions did not. Will there be any new features or molding changes (or turret balls) with this gunship, or is it identical to the previous ones other than paint?

3) The Shadow paint has been prevalent, but why have we not received a Titanium Stealth X from the star Wars novels? This is an in-demand in-universe ship (vs. the navy blue AT-AT) that fans would respond well to.

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