Episode 153: ComicCon 08 Pt 2: Interview with Dave Filoni
July 26, 2008


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Show Notes

Star Wars Action News Comic-con coverage continues with a special guest. Arnie and Kevin sit down with Dave Filoni, Director of the Clone Wars animated movie and upcoming series. We talk to Dave about what it's like to go from fan to celebrity, how his Star Wars movie differs from the others, and what kind of Star Wars collection he has. And to make it even better, we are presenting this interview in video! There's also an audio-only version for those of you who prefer it...but we HIGHLY recommend the video version!

This is by no means the end of our ComicCon and Midnight Madness coverage. Check back later this weekend for an audio wrap-up of the con, the panels, and a couple special interviews, one of which will give you nightmares! And then later we will hae more video coverage of the con ready for you with even more great interviews. So stay tuned to swactionnews.com!

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