Episode 152: Cons Near and Far Far East
July 21, 2008


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What an exhausting time for Star Wars fans and Collectors. Never one to let us sleep, Lucasfilm has Star Wars Celebration: Japan the weekend before San Diego Comic Con. Celebration Japan is likely the biggest Star Wars party in the world for 2008 and Star Wars Action News' Larry is there to cover it. Mark Hammil signing, exclusive items, and new items being shown for the first time. It's a tremendous time to be a Star Wars fan in Japan, whether you live there or are just visiting.

Then we have San Diego Comic Con which Steve Sansweet promised would be a spectacular party for Star Wars fans. Marjorie, Arnie, and several other Star Wars Action News staff are going to be covering the event in great detail over the next week, starting with our exclusive Premiere Night coverage coming to you right as the doors open 7 p.m. PST. But this week we run down what is coming up at SDCC--the exclusives, the panels, and all the excitement that is to be had.

With a couple international voice mails and a review of the first Coruscant Nights novel, listen to this episode of Star Wars Action News--possibly on your way to San Diego!

And if you are going to this year's San Diego Comic Con we'll not only have a Star Wars Action News dinner but also a line party at Mission Bay! Dinner will be at 8 p.m. at Tio Leo, a Mexican restaurant. There are several in the area, we will be going to the one at 5302 Nappa Street in San Diego (it's near Mission Bay, so close to the TRU). Then between 10 and 10:30 we will head to the Toys R Us at Mission Bay to join the line and have some fun and trivia! There's a chance that you may be able to carpool with someone from the con to dinner or dinner to TRU, but car capacity may be limited. If interested, RSVPs are requested but not required at our forum post.

Talk to you Wednesday...from San Diego!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) With the recent repaint of the larger winged TIE fighter with the Rebel insignia there has been a lot of discussion in our forums regarding repaints and the Star Wars line of Hasbro toys. Recently, you've said in Q&As "If you want more toys like the big Millennium Falcon, buy the big Millennium Falcon at full price". This feeds into the "Vote with your dollars" mentality many collectors have.

However, with items like this latest TIE fighter repaint (the 4th of the large wing configuration) people are wondering how Hasbro accounts for the sales of this item. Does buying this TIE Fighter make you think we want more repaints? If this item sells poorly, does that "prove" that $60 vehicles are not viable to the Star Wars market?

In other words, does buying a repaint "count as much" towards us getting a new vehicle sculpt (like the Cloud Car) as buying the AT-TE?

2) Related to question #1: I've seen fans clamor for a lot of repaints and rereleases, but not this one. While it was in a comic book, this does not seem like an item people were clamoring for, and the price point is considerably higher than the previous larger-scale TIE Fighters. What was the thinking behind a TIE Fighter with a Rebel insignia on its wings, and why is the cost so much higher than the previous TIE Fighter releases (surely a splash of red paint can't cost THAT much!)

3) Some of our members have expressed to me concern about the upcoming exclusive Wal-Mart A-Wing. In the past Wal-Mart has had iffy distribution of exclusives with some (the recent Max Rebo sets) being plentiful to the point of going on clearance and others (the Separation of the Twins sets, recent comic packs) being exceedingly scarce. Can you tell me if this A-Wing is the same as the original red A-Wing release or a repaint, retool, etc. and what is being done to ensure widespread availability of this exclusive item?

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