Episode 150: eFX-tive
July 07, 2008


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Show Notes

Tuesday July 8th marks a new era for Star Wars collectibles as 500 Star Wars fans will be able to purchase the first product from eFX Collectibles-the retouched version of Master Replicas' Stormtrooper Helmet. The mold is the same, the grill is a little cleaned up, and the base is totally different. Star Wars Action News has a hands on review of this product so you can make your final decision to whip out that credit card.

Plus have you ever wished to have a vintage mint-on-card collection? If you've ever looked on eBay or at your local convention for vintage carded figures every so often you are faced with the question-is that a fake? Our vintage expert Kevin takes a look at professionally recarded vintage figures to give you the lowdown on this niche, sometimes mistakenly bought, collectible.

Also this week we have plenty of news, from a review of the Wizard World con, a high-end item over 50% off hidden in the back of Toys R Us, discuss all the old items hanging out on the pegs and the few street-date breaking leaks of new toys. We preview the upcoming BIG BOOK Star Wars Frames, and run down the latest announcements from Sideshow Collectibles. With Steve updating us with his latest UK report, a slew of listener voicemails, and more; it's on this week's Star Wars Action News!

And for those of you going to San Diego Comic Con we announce our plans on this episode for our Star Wars Action News dinner 8 p.m. in San Diego, followed by a SWAN line party at the Toys R Us in Mission Bay. Stay tuned for more details about dinner locations and how to RSVP.

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