Episode 148: More Nice Things
June 23, 2008


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Show Notes

This week, the Star Wars Action News hosts are seeing red. They're red hopping mad, you might even say. Why? Because the new exclusive TIE Fighter "has got some red on ya" (to quote Shaun of the Dead). Yes, someone graffitied a big red garish Rebel symbol on the latest "big wing" TIE Fighter re-release, and they jacked up the price too, $53 at Entertainment Earth. Is this too much for the 4th release of this mold? Have we now got more TIE Fighters than the compliment of a Super Star Destroyer? Find out on this week's show!

We also discuss this week how the new Wal Mart exclusive Droid Factory figures and Comic Book two packs are hitting shelves, with voice mail reports from listeners. We review the new collectible 10 volume hardcover Star Wars book collection from Dark Horse, and we discuss how we think Titan magazine's business model is somewhat flawed, punishing the good customers and rewarding the disloyal.

With a UK segment, a Hasbro Q&A, and more, it's all on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Recently we have noticed an increased number of limbs and heads popping off of our Star Wars figures. And not just during actual play, but by simply taking the figures out of the package. We have also noticed an increased number of bendy guns, that seem to be made out of a cheaper plastic, and fragile lightsabers that are not straight and sometimes snap when being removed from their plastic shells on the cardbacks.

Compared to the vintage line 30 years ago, and even to the POTF2 line 10 years ago, the figures in the basic lines now seem to be made with less quality materials, and yet we are still being charged more for them. With your recent statements urging consumers to purchase toys at the full price and not waiting for clearance prices, how can you justify such a stance when the product we are getting is of a lesser quality?

2) Recently several sites have revealed some advanced pics of various clone Repaints in the Clone Wars series (including Commander Fox and Trooper). Does Hasbro have any plans to release these decos on Clone figures with the realistic styling for those fans who like the paint schemes, but aren't as keen on the Animated asthetics of the Clone Wars line of figures (and who want some consistency in the base armor of their troopers)?

3) There seem to be lots of complaints in our community regarding the Play Rewards program. People getting less in rewards than they were owed with what they sent in, or being told they didn't qualify at all. In a perfect world everyone would have Xeroxed everything they sent in, but most didn't and, as such, are frustrated with the results. What is your response to the complaints of these frustrated individuals?

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