Episode 147: Cracking the Whip
June 16, 2008


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Show Notes

Still frothing at the mouth for new toys, the Star Wars Action News team gathered again this week to look at the upcoming July releases from Hasbro. After focusing on the vehicles last episode, this episode the group talks about the new figures of both The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars toy lines. Which do the team want more, animated style or non? Will the animated figures sell to kids? And what is Hasbro trying to pull with sending e-mails saying figures won't go on clearance, only to be found on clearance days later?

Also listen to find out where to get the 16th (and final?) Clone Wars character key (from the first Clone Wars animated series), and to hear Kevin review and discuss another vintage figure, one I'm sure vintage collectors will remember.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We know that in '09 we will be seeing a Kyle Kattarn figure in a comic pack. Given that this is likely from the comic Equals and Opposites, might we be getting our first Yuuzhan Vong figure in that pack as well?

2) HasbroToyShop.com is often the last oasis for the desperate who cannot find one of more figures in stores, but I've not seen updates there for the final five Saga Legends figures. Given their scarcity in stores, might HTS.com be getting those soon?

3) Is there a chance that still in '08 we might see a release of a Jumptrooper that comes with a jet pack?

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