Episode 146: The Barbie Dream House
June 09, 2008


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Show Notes

July 26th is getting closer and closer (and to see how close check out all the nifty new countdown timers at swactionnews.com) and the excitement is palpable for new toys. None of the new toys has gotten the buzz as the new vehicles, and with Hasbro previewing the instruction sheets this past week even the buzz has buzz. The Star Wars Action News staff convenes for their first roundtable discussion of the season to discuss these upcoming vehicles, and will return next week with another roundtable to discuss the figures.

We also have a call from Rusty in Orlando updating us to the Star Wars Weekends fun at Disney, and talk about how you can own an actual piece of the Captain Rex prop from the Star Tours ride.

With a review of the Hoth Patrol TRU Battle Pack, discussion on where to find all the shadow-y Saga Legends figures, and Star Wars fun in general, it's Star Wars Action News.

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