Episode 144: Saga Legends Lunacy
May 26, 2008


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Show Notes

The final five Saga Legends are an elusive bunch, perhaps because so many of them are "Shadow" troopers they stay well hidden. Despite their best attempts at camouflage Star Wars Action News spotted some this week. They review the figures chosen to be rereleased as well as their special coins. We also talk about the latest for Galactic Heroes packs to be released, with new Jedi and new clones!

Also this week, Kevin brings us another vintage figure review. Which figure from your childhood is being discussed? Listen to find out. We also have a Hasbro Q&A discussing the conflicts between San Diego Comic Con and the release of the new Star Wars toys, Scott from Tulsa gives us an update on his latest store runs, and Arnie reviews the book the Secret History of Star Wars.

And listen for your chance to win one of two copies of the last Legacy of the Force novel Invincible, autographed by author Troy Denning.

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Hasbro Q & A

From the Star Wars brand team: We have noticed on some boards that some collectors are deciding to wait until the Target-exclusive Order 66 sets go on sale before pouncing. This year, Target has advised us that the order 66 sets will not go on sale when they come off the checklane endcaps and will extend at regular pricing in the planogram. We think that those fans waiting may be disappointed when the ones they want sell out. If there are certain army builders or characters that collectors had their eyes on, they might not want to wait…

1) Why was the decision made to have the Clone Wars 7/26 midnight madness toy release the same time as San Diego Comic Con? This leaves a lot of fans unable to participate in the frenzied buying.

2) will the "first day of issue" figures only be in a wave's initial shipment or will they be spread throughout a figure's lifetime?

3) I remember as a child mailing away for figures. I had no money, no checking account, but I didn't need them. If I could get a stamp my Kenner proofs of purchasewere my currency and I could get a figure.

In 1997 we had the Ghost of Obi-wan figure mail away and it cost $1.99 in shipping but as it was Frito Lay POPs and a seemingly reasonable shipping amount, I understood.

But with the George Lucas Stormyrooper shipping went up to $4.95 (about half the cost of a VOTC figure retail) and now with Captain Rex it's $6.99 which is what most figures retail for. Given the cost is the same as that of a figure it really seems to make customers question how "free" the figure is.

Why have the "handling" costs for a figure risen so sharply and, given that this is a "promotion" which has people buying figures for the UPCs in the first place, why require money at all?

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