Episode 143: I Love Star Wars
May 19, 2008


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Show Notes

This week on Star Wars Action News, it's episode 1-4-3 and as those of you with old school pagers know, 1-4-3 means "I love you." As such, the hosts of Star Wars Action News take some time this week to remember why they love Star Wars and Star Wars collecting.

In addition, last Tuesday saw the release of the final Legacy of the Force novel, Invincible by Troy Denning. Brock finished the book and provides a spoiler-free review, and Arnie sat down with Troy Denning at Borders in Oak Brook, IL to discuss some of the book's plot points. If you've read Invincible this is an interview not to miss! (and if you've not read Invincible, save this show in a special location on your hard drive to listen to as soon as you finish the final page).

With a poll of the week, Scott From Tulsa's store report, and an update on Red 5's charity walk, we really hope you enjoy this week's Star Wars Action News.

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