Episode 141: The Listeners Speak
May 05, 2008


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Show Notes

It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan, isn't it? There's not one but two toy lines hovering in the not so distant future, Star Wars returns to theaters in August overcoming all expectations, and there's a brand new collectibles company, eFX, breaking onto the scene. As such, listeners of Star Wars Action News direct the conversations for this week's show. We discuss some preferred method of storing loose figures, a re-edited version of Star Wars, some classic Star Wars records, and the trio of Lego Star Wars Nintendo DS Lunchboxes.

Also this week we discuss the new exclusive items from Sideshow Collectibles and Nathan P. Butler (author of the Star Wars Tales issue "Equals And Opposites" which will have a comic book 2-pack coming out soon!) giving us an expanded universe update.

And remember, the Star Wars Action News bookclub is taking sign-ups now to join us in reading Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson. Bookclub members read the books together, discuss them on the Star Wars Action News forums, and then members can join in a roundtable discussion about the books which is then released as a Book Club podcast! To join the Book Club in reading Jedi Search, with the first appearances of characters such as Kyp Durron, Admiral Daala, and Exar Kun, go to the Star Wars Action News forums and sign up today!

Thank you for listening.

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Exhibit Poster from Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

If you know where one can be purchased please let us know at show@reviewstarwars.com.

And if you have an item you cannot find that you desperately want in your collection, e-mail us at show@reviewstarwars.com Your item may just be our next Hot Hunt Item of the Week!

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