Episode 137: Execute Order 66. Again.
April 07, 2008


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Show Notes

We don't know who at Hasbro the Target executive buyers have dirt on, but it must be someone as so far in 2008 Target has had the largest number of exclusives of any retailer. With the Galactic Hero packs, the Aayla Secura starfighter, the Order 66 2-packs, and the upcoming Force Unleashed Rancor, plus more, Target is the "spot" to shop. This week, the hosts of Star Wars Action News stumbled upon a trove of Target exclusives, and provide a detailed look at the new Order 66 2-packs.

Also on this week's Star Wars Action News, Starwars.com last week announced the most recent release date for the highly anticipated game The Force Unleashed, and to accompany that announcement was a video showing the game on various platforms including the Nintendo Wii, DS, and the Playstation 2 and PSP. Arnie and Marjorie look at these various Force Unleashed versions to talk about what's exclusive to each and which they must have.

Finally this week, we have a revised Expanded Universe report from Nathan discussing EU that doesn't focus on movie-characters, and Jakob ponders the lull in Hasbro product between now and The Clone Wars.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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