Episode 135: The Theory of Evolutions
March 24, 2008


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Show Notes

Jedi-Con 2008 was in Germany this past weekend, and while not a lot of hard news, some very interesting and "almost confirmed" rumors were floated about. Star Wars Action News reporter Steve was there and reports back to us with details about Celebration Japan, Celebration 5's possible location, and even another Celebration in a certain country down under. He also managed to score a Jedi-Con exclusive Shadow Trooper 2-pack for one lucky Star Wars Action News listener! Listen to find out how you can win.

Also this week, have you ever find yourself in a strange house on a rainy Monday night, talking to someone you've never met before and then pulling out some cash and filling up a box full of vintage figures? That's what happened to Arnie when he replied to a local newspaper classified ad for a Star Wars collection for sale. He didn't expect to find much but ended up taking home a boxload of "new" vintage figures. Marjorie and Arnie share the details of this experience in this week's episode of Star Wars Action News, and we'll also give you the lowdown on a licensed one-of-a-kind Star Wars collectible he has for sale.

Finally, Marjorie and Arnie review the three new Evolution sets, Fett, Sith, and Vader's Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed. We also look at some of the new Titanium vehicles and give a proper review to the new Grievous Starship. And Scott From Tulsa checks in with his sightings of The Force Unleashed figures in Hasbro's 2008 Wave 2.

All this and more on this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Hasbro has always said the kid market is very important to keeping Star Wars toys alive and profitable. George Lucas has said Jar Jar is the favorite character of children. So why are Jar Jar figures so irregular to the line? It seems like more Jar Jar figures would appeal to the kids more than Yarna.

2) Have any decisions been made about the return of the VOTC line in '09? The evolutions packs have great figures but the VOTC retro packaging made that a very popular line for 6x9 collectors.

3) In looking at Star Wars Action News' video from Toy Fair I noticed a F/X lightsaber was in the display room next to the Gentle Giant Yoda monument. Was that a Hasnro F/X saber being shown, or was it a Maater Replicas item for illustrative purposes?

4) Our listeners were excited by the news that the mail-away Captain Rex figure would have a fold-out cardboard diorama similar to what the EU figures in the 90's had. Given that playsets are a "no-go" for now, is there a chance we might see more of these in the future, or more cardboard dioramas similar to the Cantina and Jabba's Palace sets released in the 90's? (Hint: Jedi council, Galactic Senate, and Star Destroyer/Death Star would be good ones)

5) How many new (not re-released) Evolutions sets are on tap for '08, and are there plans to continue the line in '09?

6) As a kid I loved to look at the back of the Kenner cards to see which figures I wanted to get. The Luke, Obi wan/Yoda, and 3P0/R2 McQuarrie figures came with a an extra cardback. Had you considered, going forward, releasing (as a pack-in/mail away/etc) a card at the end of each year or line to show off the entire line or year of figures?

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