Episode 132: Behold the Power of Cheese (Clean)
March 03, 2008


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Show Notes

This week on Star Wars Action News we have musician Richard Cheese. Perhaps most famous for his version of "Get Down With The Sickness" which plays in the movie Dawn of the Dead, Richard has long been a Star Wars fan. On his latest album, Dick at Night, he has even included a version of the Imperial March! We talk to Richard about how he swank-ifies all the classic hits on his albums, as well as his affinity for Star Wars. Listen to the interview, and then head over to www.richardcheese.com to buy the album!

Also this week, Marjorie and Arnie discuss their latest toy finds and how a recent figure may just help Star Trek customizers with their collections, and we also look at the Hallmark Star Wars Valentines Day music cards. Scott From Tulsa gives us a store report, and The Ginger Prince gives us an update on his collecting efforts in the UK.

Finally, Nathan P. Butler returns to give us a rundown on all the recent and upcoming EU happenings, as well as another Expanded Universe character focus, this time focusing on a very recent Comic 2-pack!

With an e-bay item of the week that has to be seen to believed, you'll find it all on this week's Star Wars Action News.

And next week, Star Wars Action News will be hosting panels and a booth at the Dallas All-Con, as well as having a Star Wars Action News dinner on Saturday night. If interested, come by our forums and find out all the details.

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