Episode 131: Toy Fair '08 Redux
February 26, 2008



Show Notes

Ever wanted to go to Toy Fair? Thinking of the glitz and the glamor of as yet unreleased toys? Well, this week Marjorie and Arnie bring you a special video podcast, reporting on all that goes on behind the doors at Toy Fair. Walking you through every step of their two day Toy Fair tour, you will get to see the Toy Fair floor, what's inside the private Hasbro and Gentle Giant showrooms, and exactly how cool that upcoming Hasbro AT-TE is in full motion video.

Also this week we take a look at mini-mag figure stands. Now new and improved with stronger magnets, Arnie was smitten by these unique items for figure displays. We show you all that we saw at Toy Fair.

And to finish off the episode, the Paducah Imperials, who in our last video podcast (Episode 100), were trying in vein to find a McQuarrie Chewbacca when they were so thwarted by Darth Vader in the aisles of Wal Mart, are back on the toy hunt...

We hope you enjoy this special video episode of Star Wars Action News.

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Welcome to the City by The Majestic Twelve
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