Episode 128: Yellow Deetoo
February 04, 2008


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The 2008 figures are hitting hard and fast. 2-1B, Mustafar Panning Droids, Darth Vader, and many other Episode 3 figures are being found both in stores and online. Find out where these figures are showing up, and hear Arnie and Marjorie discuss these figures on this week's Star Wars Action News.

Also this week, Nathan is back giving us an EU update, and it's an important one. Star Wars comics have NEVER had a cross-over event like the current Star Wars: Vector storyline. Nathan brings you up to speed with everything you need to know in his February EU report.

With a Hasbro Q&A covering Force F/X sabers, Ewoks, and Kybucks (oh my!), a reflection on the yellowing of toys, and a discussion of a possible price increase in Titanium ships, this week's Star Wars Action News is a must-listen.

And remember, our February voice-mail call-in topic of the month is "What are your biggest collecting challenges?" Leave us a voice mail telling us about your collecting challenges at 415-508-JEDI.

Thank you for listening, and may you find your pegs ever stocked.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) I noticed that the Kybuck's clone-belt (around its neck) includes some Aurebesh characters on it. When I tried to translate, all I could get figured out was UAEB and two other characters I couldn't decipher. Is there any significance to these letters, or is it just a cool mysterious design element?

2) Ewoks. Sansweet said 2007 was the Year of the Ewok, but looking at the Hasbro Ewok figures released from 1995 - present all standing on a shelf together, the thing that leaps out is the fact that there seem to be three distinct size ranges in our ewok ranks. The old POTF2 figures like Wicket and Logray (and their various repaints and slight retools) fall into a mid-sized range, while the latest tool-ups, like Chief Chirpa, Romba and Graak, are all positively tiny by comparison. Conversely Teebo, while a great figure, is HUGE, towering over tiny little Chirpa like a Wookiee, with hands feet and face twice the size of his boss.

Is the smaller "Chirpa" scale the new standard going forward? And if so, can we expect to see prominent ewok characters, like Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Teebo, revisited in the new scale within the next two years or is it more realistic to expect a longer wait please?

3) A lot of questions surround the announcement of Hasbro taking over the Force F/X series of lightsabers. In your last Q&A you said the price point would be about the same, but my question is: are you getting the license for F/X sabers and then applying your own R&D and technology to release sabers that look similar and have a similar function but are your own design, or are the releases coming up (all of which seem to have been done by MR before) going to be the same design (electronically as well as aesthetically) that Master Replicas had created?

A special announcement from the Hasbro Q&A Team:


We have previously announced that there would be three waves of our 30th Anniversary basic figures in Spring. That has now been changed - there will be only two. The last wave (on shelf approx. early March) will be The Force Unleashed wave. Due to some last minute delays, the previous third wave has been picked up and moved to the new Fall basic figure line. Nothing will be bumped from the Fall line....these will just be added in. Fans should not worry as all figures will be coming to the shelf, including General Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Saesee Tiin, Clone Scuba trooper, and more. More details on this assortment will be released at Toy Fair. Similarly, due to production delays, we are pushing back the debut of the next wave of comic packs (including Anakin/Durge and Asaaj/Tol Skorr) until fall as well, but all announced packs *will* be coming out.

Also, previously we announced that the new Obi-Wan and Darth Vader/Anakin figures from our Wave 1 '08 30th Anniversary Wave (now shipping to retail) would not have new articulation. In fact, they do indeed have enhanced hip articulation (ball and socket) and are great upgrades over the original. Collectors should look to these for their increased poseability.

Hasbro's Star Wars Brand Team

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Our February voice-mail call-in topic of the month is "What are your biggest collecting challenges?" Do your challenges deal with issues of expense, space, spouse? We want to hear from you. We will discuss this topic during the month of March. Leave us a voice mail telling us about your collecting challenges at 415-508-JEDI.

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