Episode 126: Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.
January 21, 2008


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Show Notes

Last week on Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie reported on a mix-up with their order from HasbroToyShop.com. Listen to their follow-up report this week where they discover that, in fact, HasbroToyShop.com made no mistake, and where to call to get better than average Hasbro customer service.

Also this week, we discuss some news broken by our friends at Yakface.com about a possible upcoming Hasbro AT-TE, and also a new alien action figure we may be getting.

With a report by Scott from Tulsa, and a U.K. Collecting Report from Steve, TheGingerPrince, you shouldn't miss this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) I, amongst many others, enjoy the Galactic Heroes line. While the art isn't necessarily the most detailed vector art I have ever seen, it is pretty decent and awfully "cute." One person I know almost got a tattoo of it! Any thought on offering the art in complete formats, even if in a sticker book or the like?

2) Are there plans to make more of the 2" Unleashed figure sets beyond the "Force Unleashed" wave, and if so, is Return of the Jedi in the queue for this line?

3) I'm grateful we got a Cody figure recently and given how quickly it flew off the shelves it was obviously highly in demand. Sadly it was a little rigid and had little articulation. Is there an opportunity where we could perhaps see in a battle pack or some other slot where we could get a correct size cody using the superior articulated body of recent clones and a lightsaber hilt (perhaps with hole to clip it to his belt) to be that bit more movie accurate?

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