Episode 125: I Didn't Want A Wookiee For Christmas
January 14, 2008


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Show Notes

There's no feeling quite like driving home and seeing a box on your doorstep. Sometimes it's apprehension (what will the wife think?), sometimes it's confusion (oh boy, what shipped again?), and sometimes it's unbridled excitement (IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!). But imagine the crash from the "IT'S HERE!" high if you open a box expecting to finish off your 30th Anniversary Hasbro collection thanks to an order from HasbroToyShop.com and, instead, find a 3 year old Revenge of the Sith figure? Arnie vents about this very occurrance this week on Star Wars Action News.

Also this week, we are always looking for listener feedback as to what you'd like more of on the show and what we've heard is "more vintage." This show marks our first in a new monthly segment where our own podcast enhancer Kevin (DarthGawth on the forums) reviews vintage figures as he begins the daunting task of assembling a vintage carded collection.

Finally this week, Lucasfilm issued a press release about what has happened to the Master Replicas license. Hasbro will be taking over the production of the Force F/X lightsabers and the other props are falling to a newcomer to Star Wars--EFX. Marjorie and Arnie give their take on this turn of events.

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