Episode 113: Steve Sansweet on Star Wars' 30th
October 22, 2007


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This week on Star Wars Action News, hosts Marjorie and Arnie have an experience that is familiar to many collectors--the item you dread opening. Maybe because it was a purchase that you don't know where to put, maybe it's something you don't want to face because you spent more than you should, or perhaps it's something that seemed nice in theory but isn't as nice as you'd thought. This week Marjorie holds up a mirror and makes Arnie take a long look at an item he's dreaded opening... What is this item? Listen to this week's show to find out!

Also this week we have part one of a two part interview with Lucasfilm's Director of Content Management and mega-collector Steve Sansweet. This week we talk to Steve about the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, the exit of Master Replicas from Star Wars products, and what happened to the Collectibles Visual Guide that was supposed to come out in September.

Plus, store reports on where you can find Wave 5 (but you may get raked over the Kohl's) and what UGHs are plentiful, all this week on Star Wars Action News!

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Hasbro Q & A

We (Hasbro) wanted to send a note to all of you, our loyal participants in Hasbro’s Star Wars brand team Q&A, because we have recently begun to see more and more inquiries/questions re: Hasbro’s ideation process, submission of product ideas (from outside individuals), etc. Please read below for information on Hasbro’s protocol for such matters. (This is the proper procedure for ALL TOY BRANDS – not just Star Wars.)

Thank you!

New Product Ideas

Question - I have an idea for a new product. Does Hasbro accept outside submission ideas? How can I present my idea to Hasbro?

Answer - As you can imagine, we receive many contacts and inquiries about submitting new product concepts, and while we appreciate hearing from our friends and consumers, we must advise that we do not accept unsolicited submissions for review. We depend on our employees, other organizations and professional inventors with whom we deal on a regular basis for such ideas. Also, the toy and game industry has had the unfortunate experience of lawsuits being filed by individuals who allege misappropriation of their ideas as a result of a company's consideration of even the most general, obvious, or derivative concepts, and we simply cannot assume such risks.

A very good way for you to get an inside look at our business would be to read The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook by Levy and Weingartner. This book contains invaluable information about how to proceed professionally and with a greater chance of success.

You may wish to seek entry to a company which has a submission policy different from ours, or else you may wish to contact either the game industry's trade association, The Toy Industry Association, or a toy and game broker. Such a broker introduces and helps sell the concepts/prototypes or other inventions to the broker's personal contacts at various toy and game manufacturers. While we cannot make a specific recommendation, and do not endorse any particular broker on the list, attached is a list of names and addresses of brokers who have given their permission to release their names. It is important that you understand that these brokers run their businesses in different ways. Many charge a nominal fee for reviewing each concept. All will take a percentage of any royalties if they are successful at placing your concept at a manufacturer.

The Toy Industry Association is located at 1115 Broadway, Suite 400, New York, NY 10010-2803. Their telephone number is (212) 675-1141, option, 6. They may be able to refer you to brokers who are members of the TIA.

We wish you well with your efforts.

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