Episode 112: Death Star - The Book (and Arnie Likes Gooooooold)
October 15, 2007


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Show Notes

This week the new Star Wars novel from Del Rey is being released, and to celebrate Star Wars Action News brings you not one but two interviews. We sit down with Steve Perry and Michael Reeves, co-authors of Death Star, to discuss the book and how it came to be. This book is a great entry point into the EU for fans not up on the Star Wars novels, and is also a wonderful read with links to the current continuity for those who have read every Star Wars book to date.

Also this week, how can it be that Marjorie found over 30 UGHs at Toys R Us? And not just her but several others. What is going on? We take listener voice mails and tell our own stories to find out!

Finally this week, Arnie and Scott both reexamine their collecting habits. Collecting costs a lot of money, and a lot of space. Listen as they decide how they will be collecting going forward, and they give their advice to the companies producing Star Wars merchandise for what we'd like to see in 2008.

All this, plus a Hasbro Q&A to boot, in this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Hasbro has said in past Q&As that they do not set retail pricing, that is up to the retailer. However you have alluded to a 'pricing structure' that comes into play. So if Hasbro does not set retail pricing, how are prices determined for hasbrotoyshop.com? Further, it seems to be a case of Hasbro having a base unit price of X per figure that the retailer would pay, and then the retailer sells said figure for Y; is that kind of how it works?

2) will there be further individually packed Galactic Heroes figures? If so, is there a chance we could see harder to find figures like Wicket, R2-Q5, Lule X-Wing, or army builders like Stormtroopers and Geonosian Warriors!

3) We know which figures won the lehends votes but some of our listeners are frustrated that a couple specific figures didn't make the cut (specifically Ephant Mon and the clone with ball turret) and that so many of the top 5 are clones. Is there a chance some "runners- up" might find their way to pegs in '08?

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