Episode 111: Figure Wave Mash Up
October 08, 2007


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Show Notes

This week we have reports of Wave 6, yes 6, hitting pegs...from people who've never even seen Wave 5. Or wave 5 from people who've not seen wave 4. Or all three waves hitting at once. Plus Saga Legends Waves 1 and 3, but no 2? What does it all mean? Is it a sure sign of the apocalypse? Listen to Star Wars Action News to find out which stores you should go to while hiding from the fire and brimstone.

Additionally, there's a lot of other Star Wars merchendise hitting shelves. Toy laptops, $50 transformers, more Christmas items, and many, many Halloween costumes. Does your child want to unleash his inner Sith, Jedi, Clone, or Wookiee? Marjorie and Arnie discuss all the Halloween costumes carried by their local retailers.

Finally this week TheGingerPrince has taken a trip to Naboo...and brought back stories and pictures. Listen to his tale of going to a world far, far away (well, not so far for him as he was already in Europe).

Plus a Voice Mail-a-thon with reports of people finding new figures, all this and more is on this week's Star Wars Action News!

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