Episode 110: It's beginning to look too much like Christmas
October 01, 2007


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Wow..Arnie and Marjorie are preparing for Halloween...but the stores are preparing for CHRISTMAS??? Toy aisles are being stocked, Christmas decorations are being put out, and it's certainly shaping up to be another Star Wars laden holiday season. Marjorie and Arnie give a run-down of the Christmas items in their toy aisle, and Jakob reveals his favorites of the new Star Wars items.

Also this week, apparantly Christmas is a great time for books as Del Rey, Dark Horse, and all the other publishers have kept Nathan hopping with his Star Wars EU and stories report. If you like your media in CD, book, PSP, or packed with an action figure, Nathan brings you up to speed on all the offerings from Star Wars right now.

Last week Hasbro revealed the winners of their Fan's Choice poll for rereleases in the Saga Legends line. Arnie and Marjorie weigh in on these figures, remembering their original releases, and Nathan takes a few minutes to explain what the heck a "Shadow Stormtrooper" is anyway.

Plus Scott's weekly run-down, listener voice mails, an e-bay item of the week that's not to be missed, and a call for help for one of our own in the Star Wars collecting community, that is all in this week's Star Wars Action News.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) I completely understand thanks to this Q&A how important repaints are to the life of the line, but...shadow AT-AT? Really? How did this come about and did LFL have any reservations about adding this to their canon?

2) what was the motivation behind making the celebration exclusive figures available at the Star Wars Reunion? Will the coins be different?

3) the smaller gun that came with the outstanding vintage IG-88 figure does not fit into the holster on his back. Can you please let us know if the gun that would have fit is going to be or has been released with another figure that could be pilfered to give to IG-88? If no such gun has been made, would you consider putting such a gun with an upcoming figure and letting fans know?

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