Episode 108: Denning's Inferno
September 17, 2007


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Show Notes

Holy Crap! What is Hasbro trying to do to us? We go for months, MONTHS, with only a steady stream of Saga Legends on the pegs and then, BAM, waves 4 and 5 hit us back to back. And as if that wasn't bad enough, only Wave 4 has the Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures. Where are the wave 5 figures hitting? We find out this week in the Star Wars Action News voice mails.

Also on this week's show, the latest book in the Legacy of the Force series was released recently--Inferno by Troy Dante, er, Troy Denning. Each book in the Legacy of the Force series has upped the ante, and Inferno is no different. Arnie sat down with Troy to discuss some of the finer points of Inferno, and Brock joins us this week to provide an Inferno book review.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) Hasbro has had some very imaginative and clever ads over the past number of years. Some of my favorites are where you mention the duration of screen time the most obscure figures have. Is there any chance of you putting a gallery of those on the Starwars.hasbro.com site or elsewhere for people who have never seen some of these ads? (Ed note: if you have these images handy but don't want to spend the web design resources, swactionnews.com would be happy to host the gallery for you :-))

2) With the new animated series coming out, many collectors are concerned about continuing support for the OT specifically, and the movies in general. Can you tell us what plans you have currently, if any, to produce figures concurrently for the movies and the new series (two separate figure lines, or one figure line covering all sources, similar to how Saga supported Episode II and others), and without getting too specific, what percentage of figures will be in support of the new Clone Wars series vs. the movie saga (50/50 split, 70% Clone Wars/30% Movies, 100% Cone Wars, etc)

3) With the latest round of Saga Legends voting, were there any results which surprised you or came out of left field? Has this voting created any additional new or resculpted figure or accessory opportunities for the future?

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Show Stuff

Hasbro's Star Wars Saga Legends Fan Voting will is live on starwars.hasbro.com this weekend!

We want your votes! Phase 1 is now complete; Star Wars collector-fan sites around the Web have told Hasbro which characters they want to see brought back as Saga Legends in 2008. Now Hasbro's asking the fans to place a final vote for their favorite 3-3/4" figures that they want to see as part of the final Saga Legends wave in Spring 2008!

Your listeners and fellow fans can vote for up to 5 figures. Voting will run for 14 days, and the top 5 vote-getters will become Saga Legends!

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