Episode 106: Arnie Strikes Gold At DragonCon
September 03, 2007


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Show Notes

It has been a very big week for Star Wars. First, during the last weekend in August there was the Toronto Fan Expo with Jake Lloyd, Daniel Logan, and Temura Morrison, plus others, all attending. Star Wars Action News staff member Jason was there and brings us his first-hand report of his first experience going north of the border. Then during Labor Day weekend, Marjorie and Arnie went south to Georgia for the much hyped DragonCon, with some Star Wars guests, authors, and body paint. This was their first trip to DragonCon, and if you were thinking of going they let you know what to expect.

Moreover, Hasbro's Wave 4 is starting to hit shelves. Star Wars Action News listeners call in to let you know where to shop to find the latest figures on the pegs. Marjorie discusses Lego clearances, Scott discusses where to go if you're needing your Naboo soldier fix, and the latest surprise Star Wars item to be announced from Master Replicas.

Add to all this a Hasbro Q&A, Nathan P. Butler's EU round-up, and a new monthly segment profiling EU characters appearing in plastic form and you have a Star Wars Action News episode that is busting at the seams. We hope you enjoy.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) There are two things people still absolutely love from Episode I: Darth Maul and Podracing. While I know we can't hold out hopes fora Ben Quadranaros Podracer in 3.75" scale (heck, we still don't even have the figure) the podracers seem woefully underrepresented in the Titanium Vehicle series, which would seem an ideal fit for these fan-loved and varied figures. Might we see Anakin's and Sebulba's podracers sometime soon and, if so, can we also hope/expect some of the more esoteric podracers to join the line as well?

2) Now that the Star Tours line at Disney is complete, with no new figures being added, is there a chance for wider distribution through a multi-pack or some other method either through HasbroToyShop or some other retailer?

3) In previous Q&As it had been said that this year's Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures would be easier to get than last year's. However, it appears the UGH figures are only shipping with Wave 4, and then each UGH figure is only shipping in one case assortment. While there are three UGH figures per case, because they are all different figures it is still making them virtually impossible to find on store shelves, and a haven for scalpers (I've personally seen them going for $75 each at Wizard World in Chicago). Can you let us know if they are going to also be included with Wave 5 or any other revision waves, or how they will be easier for collectors to obtain than last year's nightmarish Hunt?

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