Episode 104: 2004 Gets Animated
August 20, 2007


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Show Notes

Got Dice? That seemed to be the question last weekend at GenCon Indianapolis. Arnie and Marjorie encounter Marjorie coming to face her fear of irregular, non-cubic dice. In addition they recount what little Star Wars was actually at the convention, and little is right as Arnie drooled over some of Wizards of the Coast's new Star Wars Miniatures. We also discuss the recent widespread toy recall, look at the newest Star Wars items being found in the stores, and recall a more innocent time, 2004, when the first Star Wars Original Trilogy DVDs were released.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) With the upcoming TIE Interceptor at Toys R Us sporting a red stripe, are there any plans milling about to release the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor in 3.75” scale?

2) To date the only figure to have a built in sound-effect is R2-D2. Are there any other figures under consideration to have sound effects, like perhaps the gonk droid?

3) With the current round of Saga Legends figures voting it was said that Jorg Sacul was not eligible for consideration as he was to be kept “special”. To my knowledge Toy Fair Vader is being kept equally “special” and these are good things making exclusives truly excluives, as compared to the San Diego Comic Con 2007 exclusives which were readily available online. What is the reasoning behind keeping some figures as “special” and why have the more recent exclusive figures not been kept as “special”?

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