Episode 102: 2002 -- Attack of the Big Ticket Items
August 06, 2007


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Show Notes

Most Star Wars fans look back at 2002 and think of Attack of the Clones. Some think first of Star Wars Celebration 2, the first Star Wars con held in Indianapolis, IN. Marjorie and Arnie think about their Star Wars Wedding, held four days before the opening of Attack of the Clones, and the purchases that ensued. They recall this heady time of fandom by looking at a new era of collecting that was ushered in along with a million soldiers all wearing Temura Morrison's face.

Also this week we catch up on some long overdue voice mails, give a store report, and debate the worth, or lack thereof, of the 2007 Fan Club Membership Kit.

Finally we have Nathan P. Butler returning to catch us up on what's happening in Star Wars books and comics for July and August, 2007.

Have you heard about the Hasbro Star Wars Legends fan's choice poll? Hasbro is adding another wave of repackaged figures to Saga Legends, and fan sites such as Star Wars Action News get to pick which one! Head to our forums to cast your vote for which figures you'd like to have revisit you on pegs in 2008!

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Hasbro Q & A

1) I love the art on the TAC cards. Being a religious and devoted MOC collector since 1995, and respecting the iconography of the vintage cards as well, I feel that the TAC line is, by far, the best 3 3/4" figure card design to date. Does Hasbro have any plans of releasing any of the 30th Anniversary card character art separately after this line is complete? Perhaps in a book form with the original art side by side with it's card example? If there are no plans yet, then please take this question as a suggestion.

2) How far ahead does Hasbro need to plan in order to deliver their choice of figure. Can you talk us through the project management of a particular figure/ wave/ season. So for example with the TAC when were the choices made, assignment of sculpts, where are Lucasfilm in the mix. Part of this is the way Hasbro has been very quick to introduce new figures into a season, but if the selection was made back in early 2005 I am curious how the system works.

3) We know you've tried selling accessory packs a couple times in the past with mixed success; with the direct sales opportunity of the Hasbro online store, and the sales of such items as star cases and figure stands, are accessory packs something that may be considered again in 2007 or early 2008?

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A time of creativity is upon us! The Jedi Council has issued a mighty challenge: create a 3-minute or less video featuring LEGO® STAR WARS™ sets. Fans from across the galaxy are using their cinematic Jedi skills to create and upload their own digital video in answer to the Jedi call. Select movies will be featured in the LEGO® STAR WARS™ gallery, and then voted on by fans… and those deemed the best of the best shall win amazing prizes chosen by Yoda, the Jedi Master himself!

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Show Stuff

Hasbro is giving fans the unique opportunity to write in candidates for the last wave of Saga Legends in 2008. Fan sites that participate in the weekly Hasbro Q&A are being asked to submit a list of 10 figures, chosen by their readers/listeners.

How it works: You can submit your top 5 figures here until midnight 8-11. Then we will take all of the unique choices and make another poll for the top 10. These will then be submitted to Hasbro on August 17.

The list of eligible and ineligble figures can be found in our forum topic.

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