Episode 97: 1999 Feels The Need For Speed
July 02, 2007


Show Notes

This week Marjorie & Arnie look back to 1999 and recall the release of The Phantom Menace, including the midnight madness toy runs, the sitting out for tickets, and the fast food tie-ins. There were countless thousands of Star Wars items released that year and Arnie and Marjorie have to pick only one. Which one...? Also this week, Nathan gives us a June, 2007 stories report and Darth Cheddar brings us up to speed on the latest expansion pack from Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures game.

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Hasbro Q & A

1) We recently polled our site to see what they felt was the best source of Expanded Universe Star Wars materials. By a large margin the most popular source of EU was Star Wars novels, 62%. In second place was video games with 16%, and comics in third at 10%. However, while Hasbro has toyed (no pun intended) with characters from video games such as the Republic Commandos and the upcoming KOTOR figures, the majority of your EU offerings have been from the comics, both Dark Horse and Marvel. We understand that with the comics you have the unique packaging opportunity to introduce buyers to the character in comic book form at the same time they buy the figures, but is there hope for the large number of book fans to get some figures in 2008?

2) The upcoming Mara Jade figure has generated a lot of chatter on our web site. People were wondering, is this just a retooling/repaint of the original Power of the Force Mara, or is there a new head sculpt, added articulation, etc.

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